I’m the one who just bought your photograph “Cloud Melody”. All summer and fall I miss the rain and the dark moist sky and your photo will let me have that feeling when I feel dry. I wrote about it to a friend:


“…a vast undulating field that is gold somehow with either yellowed grass or yellow flowers, the light coming from the earth, and the sky above heavy and dense with blue-gray clouds that are about to be rain, the darkness above, the light below, the heaviness and the light all reversed, the weight of clouds giving me weight and ground, why I love rain and clouds, the weight of it bringing me quietly, powerfully, massively down.”


Judy, W., Menlo Park, CA


These are amazing photographs. You capture more than the image – you capture the feeling and a profound peace. Truly beautiful works!
Jo, Palo Alto, CA


We are so moved by your images – you allow us to move into nature and our own interiors through these images. We will treasure your work .
Hilary, Woodside, CA


Inspiring, lovely and calming all at once. Invokes the nature we must preserve.
Former Mayor, Menlo Park, CA
Thank you for capturing glimpses into our natural beauty – it brings tears to my eyes! Very inspiring!
Natalia, Redwood City, CA